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Against the coup d’état in Bolivia

Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean categorically condemns and denounces the coup d’état perpetrated against Evo Morales’ administration in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The racist and fascist right-wing, through its class hate has finally managed to break apart democracy in the South American country of our brothers and sisters, with the support of imperialism and with the aim to loot Bolivia’s natural resources.

We express our utter rejection against the coup perpetrators and their national and international accomplices who have attacked poor men and women, violating their physical and psychological integrity, persecuting the indigenous movement and the people in general who have mobilized in favor of a process of change, with torture practices against former representatives of Morales’ administration and with abhorrent racist expressions, burning of houses, threats and harassment against relatives of government officials.

Without any hesitation, we call on social and political movements and processes to express themselves against the coup d’état, to firmly condemn this new atrocity against the self-determination right of the Latin American and Caribbean people. The demagogy to try to justify the abomination of the coup and the actions against the sovereign decision of the people expressed at the polls must also be rejected and isolated.

Those of us who work for the emancipation of the people based on environmental, social, economic and gender justice, continue to stand to fight against imperialism in whatever shape it comes and we will not rest until democracy in Bolivia is reestablished and guarantees are given for our comrades who are being threatened today by the fascist right-wing in the continent.

Image: https://www.granma.cu